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The School is compliant with all BSO regulations

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BSO 2019 report

About PENTA inspections

King’s College, The British School of Alicante (KCA) is an outstanding school.

  • As a result of a strong curriculum and excellent approaches to teaching and assessment, academic attainment standards are high.
  • The behaviour and attitudes of the pupils are impressive.
  • Leadership of the school at all levels is excellent.
  • Care and support offered to pupils are exemplary.
  • Overall academic progress and attainment are much higher than UK averages and also higher than comparable international schools, including other schools in the King’s College group.
  • Across the college, teachers demonstrate deep knowledge and understanding of the curriculum and subjects they are teaching.
  • Teachers skilfully employ a range of methodologies suitable to age, stage and subject being taught. They create a secure and safe environment where there is no fear of failure and children are resilient and persevere in their learning.
  • Teachers have high expectations for their pupils, manage behaviour effectively and work hard to create safe and stimulating learning environments that support pupils’ academic, social and emotional development
  • Teachers have high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils.
  • Teachers often direct pupils to use the resources available to them to extend the range and complexity of their work.
  • Pupils’ behaviour is excellent; in lessons, in corridors, at breaktimes, pupils are responsible and polite, and show consideration and respect.
  • The behaviour policies and behaviour management systems, in both the primary and secondary schools, reflect the positive culture of the college.
  • Standards at the college are very high, encompassing a high level of academic attainment, an excellent curriculum, good and outstanding teaching and impressive attention to pupils’ care and well-being.
  • Staff at the college work hard to develop pupils’ moral compasses and to raise pupils’ understanding and awareness of cultural diversity and social responsibility.

The college has a very comprehensive and detailed curriculum policy, supported by suitable schemes of work, which take into account the needs of different groups of pupils.

Teachers plan and teach well-structured lessons that are based on ‘Quality First Teaching’ (QFT) philosophy and have a high impact of inclusion and challenge so that most pupils make rapid and/or sustained progress.

Teachers in EYFS and KS1 are flexible and adapt their practice to the needs and interests of the children and ensure progression.

Age appropriate PSHE lessons, assemblies, wall displays, trips, collapsed timetable days and themes embedded within subject lessons are all utilised to ensure pupils’ development is continually enhanced.

They (teachers) check for understanding and in the best lessons, develop thinking by asking probing questions and adapt teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all pupils.