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Academic Excellence is a common theme to run across all King’s College schools. Our pupils leave school upon completing their studies in Year 13 to go on to join the world’s best universities, including the UK’s Russell Group, Oxford and Cambridge and America’s Ivy League, as well as many other top institutions across the globe.

Our reputation is built upon the success of our pupils. We are educational experts; we know how to get the very best out of your children. Becoming a young adult at the same time as working hard to learn, these years are hugely important to your child. We challenge and support pupils, so that they are able to achieve their very best academically and personally. We have the expertise to get them through the exams and the experience to guide them towards the ideal university for their future.

Congratulations to our A Level Students on their 2022 Results!


I'm delighted that our pupils have once again achieved outstanding A level results. These results do not happen by accident but reflect the hard work and commitment of our pupils and a passionate staff who are skilled at facilitating deep learning and preparing students for pre-university qualifications.

Congratulations to all of our students whose results now mean they will be able to embark on their chosen courses at some of the top universities around the world this coming Autumn!

As for the IGCSE, I am very proud, once again, of the outstanding achievements of our students in their most recent examinations. Almost three quarters of the grades awarded to our pupils were at the equivalent of A*/A grades, with a massive one third of our pupils achieving the top grades in ALL of the examinations they sat. Congratulations must also go to the dedicated team of teachers here at King's College Alicante ,whose outstanding teaching motivates pupils to achieve such incredible results. Our pupils are now very well placed to move on to the IB Diploma Programme and I am confident they will continue to achieve similarly outstanding results as they embark upon this gold standard in pre-university qualifications. I look forward to congratulating them in person when they return to school in September!

Simon Wicks I Executive Headteacher

Once again our sixth form students have achieved grades that they, their families and their teachers should be proud of. Even more impressive, are the range of university destinations that our students are going on to study at; some of the best courses at the most prestigious universities in the world.

We wish our students well as they move on from King’s College Alicante, and on their behalf I extend a huge thank you to their teachers for the support and high quality teaching and range of extra curricular opportunities that they have enjoyed during their time at KCA.

— Mr. Hayes, Assistant Head of Secondary (Upper School)
Kim Gastinel

Kim Gastinel Guern

“During my time in the sixth form, I have most enjoyed the study of films as part of my French and
German A Level courses - so much so, that I have decided to study Film & Theatre at Queen’s
University Belfast. The way that the directors use different filming techniques and the way that a
writer chooses their words are just two of the curiosities about films that I look forward to studying
at a higher level. I am excited about the new challenges and opportunities that studying at
university will bring, and thank my teachers at KCA for their support along the way.”

Kim is an extremely talented linguist and it has been an absolute pleasure to see Kim flourish year
on year in German lessons. Kim’s love for cinema was clear from the beginning of Year 12,
providing a wealth of convincing interpretations and analytical responses in written compositions. ,
which reflected a growing awareness of the German culture and deeper engagement when
exploring cinematic techniques. Many congratulations on receiving a place at Queen’s University
Belfast. Jump cut ten years, and I look forward to seeing your name on the billboards of Cannes!
Tom Webster, Teacher of German & Head of Year 10

COURSE: Film and Theatre Making, Queen’s University Belfast

Vicente Valls

Vicente José García Valls

“I love everything to do with Maths, and I can’t wait to study this at university. I get excited about
solving problems, and I have used my mathematical ability to excel in my other subjects of
chemistry and biology too. The great thing about the lessons are that even when I think I have
finished all of my work, I am challenged to solve even harder problems, and I gain great
satisfaction when I finally reach the same solution as my teacher!”

“Vicente has been a keen mathematician throughout both the A level Mathematics and Further
Mathematics courses. His enthusiasm to seek out the most complex problems for the topics we are
studying, University entrance exams and challenge problems from competitions or bonus problems
given in class is inspirational. Vicente thinks deeply about the concepts and analyses his solutions
carefully. It has truly been a privilege to support Vicente in his learning! Congratulations on the
place at the prestigious Imperial College, where I have no doubt that Vicente will flourish.”
Louise Pepper, Head of Mathematics

COURSE: Mathematics, Imperial College London

Zoe Gibbons

Zoe Gibbons

“Ever since starting in the secondary school of KCA I have enjoyed the humanities subjects,
especially geography, as I am passionate about the environment. The moment I decided to study
geography at university was when we took part in a workshop in school hosted by Dr Dos Winkle,
a renowned Dutch marine biologist and photographer. His presentation had such a great influence
on me; It made me realise how fragile the planet is, and of the huge need for humans to adapt their
behaviour. I look forward to studying more about climate change and conservation as part of my
degree course at university.”

“Zoe is one of the most dedicated students I have had the pleasure of teaching, and her
conscientious and thoughtful nature will enable her to succeed at University. A versatile student,
she has become expert in not just the topics taught as part of the A Level specification, but has
shown commitment by reading and debating other contemporary geographical issues too. She is to
be congratulated on attaining a place at UCL, and will no doubt enjoy studying Geography at
degree level.”

Andy Hayes, Assistant Head of Secondary
COURSE: Geography, University College London

Denys Khovanskky

“On joining King’s College in Year 12, I was immediately made to feel part of the community. The
teachers were kind and supportive, and I made friends quickly. One of my fondest memories of
school life is the Christmas Fair where we were able to raise lots of money for local charities. Also,
I am proud to have been a part of the STEM committee where as sixth formers we were involved
with the promoting of STEM subjects to younger students. I would like to thank all of the teachers
for the support and the opportunities I had during my time as a student at King’s College.”

“Denys is one of the most ambitious, creative and intelligent students that has graced my
classroom. As a dynamic student, he is constantly looking at the world around him and looking for
scientific explanations for everyday phenomena. In class, his unique insights and ability to connect
ideas have allowed him to flourish. Denys has also been a key leader in our STEM ambassador:
from mentoring, lunchtime demos to assisting in classrooms, he has taken every opportunity to be
proactive, positive and share his love of STEM with younger students. Undoubtedly Denys will go
on to do great at University and beyond.”

Marie Dowd, Head of Science
COURSE: Aerospace Engineering, Madrid

Rory Weir

Rory Weir

“I have had a great experience at King’s College Alicante and I was privileged to hold the post of
Head Boy during Year 13. The reason I put myself forward for the role was because I felt like it was
an opportunity to give something back to the community after all of the help and support that the
school has given me over the years. Not being sure of what I wanted to study at university, or even
where, I was given so much support and advice from all of my teachers and the careers team. My
family is Irish and I am excited to be heading to Dublin to study Law, but I am not ruling out a return
to Spain one day in the future!”

“Throughout his time in sixth form, Rory has demonstrated the skills that will make him an ideal
student of law at university. He is able to analyse and evaluate, reach well informed conclusions,
communicate effectively with others, and show empathy when required. He has been a great Head
Boy here at King’s College, and his charismatic nature will no doubt enable him to go far in life.
Good luck, Rory!”
Rob Holliongsworth, Head of Sixth Form

COURSE: Law, Trinity College Dublin

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Alejandra Perez de Azpillaga Campoy

“I am leaving King’s with a great feeling and school really couldn’t have been any better for me. I
have been a student here for fifteen years, and to be honest I am not quite sure what life away
from KCA will be like! I have made many great friends and have some really great memories of my
time at KCA, such as school trips to France and skiing, doing water sports as part of PE lessons,
enrichment activities from beach cleaning to chess club, and of course all of the support from my
teachers which I am very grateful for.”

“Alejandra has shown herself to be a brilliant student and has participated fully in life here at KCA.
An enthusiastic student with high levels of energy and motivation, she has flourished academically
and personally. She has embraced the History of Art course and will be sorely missed by all her
teachers here. I wish her well as she goes to study Bellas Artes in Valencia.”
Carlos Belda, Selectividad Teacher

COURSE: Fine Art, Universidad Valencia

Congratulations to our IGCSE Class of 2022 on their excellent results!


“At both A Level and GCSE our pupils continue to perform incredibly well and in line with pupils from the best schools internationally.

I am delighted that the hard work our pupils and teachers put in to overcome the many obstacles to learning that the COVID pandemic has put in their way, has paid off. Everybody should be congratulated on adapting to these new ways of working so well and yet still managing to achieve outstanding academic success.

I am very proud of the entire KCA community for their accomplishments once again this year; it is a pleasure to work with an inspirational teaching team and our talented pupils to help them to realise their dreams for the future and access some of the world’s best universities.

— Mr Wicks, Head of Secondary School & Deputy Head of KCA

Top universities increasingly look at the whole person, not just exam results. We know how to inspire and develop the passions and interests of children outside the curriculum. We have a team of expert teachers who keep up to date with the different requirements of universities around the world. So we know what universities as far away as New York, Australia and Abu Dhabi demand from pupils, as well as universities in the UK.