An Inspired school

Key Stage 2

The Junior School covers the National Curriculum Key Stage 2, Years 3 to 6 (age 7-11) and is referred to as Key Stage Two. There are three parallel classes in each year group.

Under the guidance of the Head of Primary, teachers provide stimulating activities to build up pupil confidence and harness natural curiosity. Children thereby achieve high levels of knowledge, skills and understanding while enjoying the learning process. Where possible and appropriate, children are taken on out-of-school visits in order to enhance classroom teaching. Some pupil work falls easily into identifiable subject areas, however, children are also involved in a variety of cross-curricular topic based investigations.

Our approach promotes a variety of skills and offers scope for the development of many different concepts. We emphasise active investigative methods to facilitate purposeful learning and to encourage independence, while at the same time ensuring that the main requirements of the National Curriculum are covered. 

In addition to English and Maths, children also study Art, Science and Technology, History, Geography, Computing, Music, P.E. In addition Spanish, Valenciano and Sociales, complete the Junior curriculum. Children will also learn about personal, social, health economic education and citizenship.

In general, from Y5 students are followed by specialized teachers in all subjects.