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In applying for these scholarships careful note should be taken of the following:


The reference of this scholarship is: Sixth Form 2020-2022 and this should be quoted in any correspondence.

Studies offered

Two academic years’ study, Lower and Upper Sixth Forms (English National Curriculum, Years 12 & 13) in King’s College, The British School of Alicante.

Duration of scholarships

Two academic years (2021-2023).

Value of the Scholarship

Partial or total equivalent of all fees for both school years and text books where applicable. Under no circumstance will the scholarships be exchangeable for money.

Who can apply?

  1. Pupils at British schools (or schools elsewhere following the British system) who intend starting GCE ‘A’ Level studies in September 2020 having already passed GCSE or (I)GCSE examinations.
  2. Pupils at an equivalent level in another educational systems who take a competitive examination set by King’s College Alicante.

Please bear advised that pupils currently enrolled in King’s College Alicante cannot opt the Sir Roger Fry Scholarship but can be awarded on The Publication of their IGCSE results.


All applicants must complete Scholarship Application Form 2020-22 which can be obtained from this link:

  1. A certificate from the candidate’s present school showing most recent qualifications obtained in Year 10 and Year 11 of the “English National Curriculum” or equivalent. The student must have achieved the highest possible marks on at least 70% of the subjects taken at their school. The internal evaluation system used by the candidate’s school must be explained to King’s in detail.
  2. Supporting documents from the candidate’s current school, club, association, or the like, describing the candidate’s extra-curricular activities, abilities and achievements, contribute to success in the process. Possible activities may include sports, music, drama, community service contributions, adventure activities, etc. We require additional information to be submitted by post before June of each academic year.

Documentation to be submitted by Thursday 30th April 2020. After this date, any application will be accepted. 

Official (I)GCSE equivalent results slip (photocopies by Notary or carrying current school stamp) for all pupils in English system or official end-of-year results for pupils not currently in the British system.

Address for Documentation

Sixth Form Scholarship Committee
King’s College, The British School of Alicante
Glorieta del Reino Unido, 5
03008, Alicante

You can also telephone us:
Tel. +34 965 106 351
Fax. +34 965 108 096

Selection Committee

All candidates’ applications will be considered by a selection committee specifically set up by King’s College, Alicante.


The committee will consider all aspects of the candidate’s application that have been submittted before the deadline.

A personal interview may also be required. The Committee will select candidates based on all the data received and will decide on the percentage of the scholarship to offer the candidate.

Final Decision

Once a final decision has been made, successful candidates will be informed as soon as possible. For pupils in the British system, final confirmation rests on their official (I)GCSE results in August.

Unsuccessful candidates will be notified in writing as soon as possible.

Scholarships are not transferable

No Suitable applicants

If in the opinion of the selection committee there are no suitable applicants, no scholarships will be awarded.


In the event of “force majeure” prior to the award of the scholarships, King’s College reserves the right to cancel the award process. “Force majeure” is defined as any event outside the control of King’s College which would make the provision of scholarships impossible.

Nsouli Scholars

Nsouli Scholars

A Transformative Opportunity

The Nsouli Scholars Programme is an exciting global initiative that promises to transform lives by enabling 50 extraordinary students at any one time to attend any of Inspired’s prestigious schools on a full scholarship for the duration of their education. The ambition is that the scholarship will provide hundreds of children with an opportunity to receive a truly transformative education.

By opening this path to exceptional individuals, we hope to expand our community, and to empower children of all backgrounds with unrivalled opportunities in academics, sports, the arts and extracurricular activities. In this sense, the Nsouli Scholars Programme is an investment both in education and in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

This generous endowment honours Nadim Nsouli, who founded Inspired in 2013 as a definitive statement of excellence in private international education. In recognition of Mr Nsouli’s Lebanese heritage and Inspired’s commitment to inclusivity, several scholarships will be awarded to individuals of Lebanese origin.

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A Unique Education

A Unique Education

Inspired schools offer a world-class educational experience that combines academics and engaging extra-curricular activities, producing confident, multi-skilled students who flourish in a competitive and increasingly interconnected world. Along with expert instruction by hand-picked teachers, our students access specialist sports programmes and professional tutelage from leaders in the performing and creative arts. As a result, they leave armed with a robust value system and a love of learning that extends well beyond the classroom.

Inspired is also committed to leveraging new and transformative learning technologies. Inspired AI empowers children to achieve academic excellence by delivering actionable insights that are unique to each student, including strengths and weaknesses. Our partnership with The Royal College of Music and Forte, a revolutionary online platform, enables children to receive personalised music tuition from professionals. Students with musical interests benefit from bespoke private lessons, advancing their practice as creatives and gaining valuable performance experience.

Academic Results

Academic Results

The advantages of our holistic approach to education are evidenced by the fact that Inspired students consistently excel in academic performance, surpassing national and global averages. In 2022, the Average Point Score was 35 for those undertaking the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, for which the world average was 31.98, while A* scores comprised 27% of our students' A Level grades, compared to 14.6% globally. As a consequence, many are able to attend leading universities, with one in three graduates going on to a Russell Group University or Ivy League College.

A Global Experience

A Global Experience

The Inspired Group includes top-rated day and boarding schools worldwide, meaning students enjoy access to a diverse international community. Be it through specialised Summer Camps or immersive Global Exchange Programmes, children have the chance to travel broadly and engage meaningfully with different cultures, meet and learn from our esteemed partners, build lifelong networks, and become more independent.

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Discover how an Inspired Scholarship can empower your child with a transformative education, widely-recognised qualifications, and the competencies they need to thrive in an evolving world.