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How to choose the best school in Alicante?

Key factors and mistakes to avoid

Are you interested in the schools in Alicante and don’t know which to choose? Education is a basic pillar in a child’s development, but with so much on offer it may be difficult to make a choice. Don’t make the typical mistakes when selecting a school in Alicante for your son or daughter. Answer all your questions with our practical guide “All you need to know to choose a school in Alicante” and make your search much easier.


Colegios en Alicante: oferta y principales diferencias



Schools in Alicante: range and main differences

The range of educational establishments in Alicante includes dozens of schools, especially public ones. In addition, there are a few concertado schools (privately run school funded by the State) and private ones.

We can also differentiate between catholic and secular and single-sex or mixed schools.

In total, you can choose from:

  • 68 public schools
  • 27 concertado schools
  • 5 private schools in Alicante

There are 22 official Catholic schools, while the majority are secular.

¿En qué fijarse a la hora de elegir un colegio en Alicante?



What to look at when choosing a school in Alicante?

Deciding between so many schools can be overwhelming, mostly because you know that your child’s future is at stake. It is not a decision to be made lightly, but it will be very easy with some clear criteria in mind.

Every family is different and has its own priorities when choosing a school; for that very reason, if you choose a private school with personalised attention, you can be sure that you will have everything you need.

Values are a determining factor: think about what kind of person you want your child to be. A school that emphasises resilience, teamwork, creativity and discipline will help your child acquire these qualities. Also, take into consideration whether that school will allow your child to mix with a very diverse range of people and cultures, contributing to personal enrichment.

Developing cross-disciplinary skills in addition to a technical knowledge of the different subjects can make a difference in a child’s development. So, select a school that offers your child a solid foundation that, in the future, will ensure working for an international company by helping develop critical thinking, as well as leadership skills.

Another important issue is the type of education offered by the school, including the curriculum and other subjects. Promoting sports and art or having English-medium education or even English as a second language can be a benefit to a child’s education and future.

The facilities should make a good first impression when visiting a school to send our children. This aspect is more important than it might seem, not only because pleasant surroundings contribute to the children’s well-being but also because having complete and varied facilities gives students many more opportunities to grow, discover their talents and passions, learn, and share experiences during their school years.

Colegio bilingüe, inglés y británico en Alicante: ¿Existen diferencias?



A bilingual, English-medium, and British school in Alicante: What are the differences?

People often make the mistake of confusing an English-medium school with a bilingual school. Under current Spanish educational legislation, English is a compulsory subject for all schools. However, some schools also include subjects taught in English, such as natural sciences. A bilingual school goes beyond this, making normal, natural use of both languages inside and outside the classroom.

On the other hand, it should be made clear what a British school is: a school in which English is the main language. In addition, these private schools get their values and curriculum from Great Britain, with all the added value that this entails.

¿Hay colegios en Alicante que ofrecen la posibilidad de aprender varios idiomas?



Are there schools in Alicante that offer the possibility of learning several languages?

In Alicante there is a British school located in the outskirts of the city, in unequalled surroundings. The private school King’s College Alicante is among the top-ranking schools and offers children the opportunity of learning English naturally, starting as soon as they learn to talk. At this school, a child’s education starts at the age of 2 until 18.

With a very wide-ranging educational offering and extensive facilities, the King’s College British school stands out for its academic excellence and for offering the International Baccalaureate, as well as French and German to those students who wish to be more than bilingual.



How much do private schools in Alicante cost?

Is it worth the investment?

Parents often have second thoughts about the cost of educating their child at a private school. The expense is obviously greater than at a public school, but it offers a large number of advantages that make all the difference. Investing in children’s education from their earliest years is an investment in a better future for them, both professionally and personally

Private schools in Alicante offer their students personalised attention that helps them develop on all levels. For example, if children a gift for music or mathematics, with the best education a brilliant career will be guaranteed.

Also, privately managed schools give parents and students greater freedom to choose subjects, have more flexible timetables, the option of taking a school bus, and other advantages.



Steps to registering at a private school in Alicante

If you want your child to start school or to change schools, you will need to follow the different rgistration steps involved. Once you choose a school, public schools all operate as dictated by the government, while private schools operate independently.

Student registration tends to occur before the school year begins, although there are some private schools that allow students to start at any time. You can ask the school you are interested in and find out precisely what its admissions policy is.

¿Estudiar en un colegio internacional en Alicante tiene ventajas?



What are the advantages of studying at an international school in Alicante?

If you live in Alicante or the surrounding area, you can give your son or daughter the same education as if you lived in London. The King’s College international school fills its classrooms with qualified, native British teachers. Your children will have the opportunity to learn English like any child in the UK, and to learn from the cultural diversity that marks the student body.

As this is also a pioneering school, it also has a practical learning model and has won awards for its digital transformation.

¿Se puede estudiar el IB en Alicante? ¿Qué ventajas brinda?



Is it possible to study for the IB in Alicante? What are the advantages?

The International Baccalaureate programme is a highly regarded bonus for students who are seeking excellence. If you want to ensure your child’s future employment opportunities, the IB Diploma can make all the difference.

If you want to study for the International Baccalaureate in Alicante, at King’s College Alicante there is an IB Diploma Programme. Why is this the best option?

  • This school has the broadest educational offering in the entire region
  • Classes are taught in English and the students can get a bilingual diploma
¿Qué pasa si el colegio que me gusta queda lejos?



What happens if the school I like is far away?

Families in Alicante do not have to send their children to the nearest school. Bearing in mind that this decision will mark their lives, you probably will prefer to look at other aspects. If the school that you like best is not very close to your home, you may be able to take advantage of facilities like school buses.

Some schools in Alicante use their own private buses on a number of routes, on which your child can travel to school each day in complete safety.

¿Hay colegios en Alicante que preparan la comida en el propio colegio?



Are there schools in Alicante that prepare the food on site?

If you are worried about your child’s nutrition when choosing a school in Alicante, one factor to bear in mind is the type of dining hall service offered. There are schools in Alicante that allow the children to take their own food from home each day.

King’s College stands out in this regard, because it ensures that the meals are prepared at the school, and making them varied, nutritious, healthy, and balanced is a top priority.

¿Por qué el colegio King's College Alicante es la mejor opción?



Why is King’s College Alicante the best option?

King’s College British School of Alicante is an iconic school in the area that offers the best British education with native teachers and absolute immersion in English. The school now also offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and has the widest range of subjects in the area.

Located in a perfect spot a few kilometres from the centre of the city in a privileged setting beside the sea, the school offers a number of school bus routes, making it easily reachable.

King’s College Alicante has educational and sporting facilities, both indoor and outdoor, and special areas for the students’ complete education, such as a library, laboratories and art room.

The school’s modern facilities include:

  • Football field and futsal court
  • Basketball court 
  • Tennis court
  • Indoor gymnasium
  • Music rooms
  • Multi-purpose rooms and 28 iMacs
  • Cutting-edge, interactive whiteboards
  • Air conditioning and heating in all classrooms and rooms

The King’s College model of education from 2 to 18 years of age offers personalised, bilingual education to the highest standards to opens the doors of the best universities, both in Spain and abroad. In fact, 483 students from the school are currently studying at universities in the United Kingdom. In addition, the top ten universities in the UK have accepted King’s College students.

Choosing this private school in Alicante means pioritising academic excellence and great results, because it offers the most complete and innovative education in the city.




The education offered in Alicante is very wide-ranging and, as you can see, there are many factors to take into account before choosing the best school for your son or daughter.

Now you know which schools in Alicante are available, the advantages of some over others and why it is worth investing in a good school for your child’s future.

Good luck, and may you find the school where your child can triumph and spend the best years of his or her life!

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